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Name: Brandy
Age: 15
Grade: 11th
State you live in: SC
Sign: Gemnini
Sexual Preference: straight
Have a b/f or g/f?: i have a bf!

Favorites (list at least 3):
Movies: the butterfly effect,I know what u did last summer, orange county,harry potter, mean girls
Bands: MCR,good charalotte,simple plan,the killers
Songs: mr brightside-the killers,predictable-good charalotte,ohio is for lovers-hawthrone heights,
Stores: Rave, hot topic, body shop
Foods: Pizza ,posta,chicken

Drinks: Mountain dew,sobe,pepsi

This or That
Coach or Gucci: Gucci
Louis Vutton or Burberry: Louis Vuitton
Abercrombie or American Eagle: American Eagle
Hollister or Urban Outfitters: Urban Outfitters
Radio or Cds: both
Computer or TV:   Computer                                                                                                                                                                                        Spring or Fall: Spring
Mary-Kate or Ashley: Mary-Kate
Purses or Backpacks: purses
Choc. or Vanilla: chocolate
Winter or Summer: Summer
Nike or Addias: Nike
Hearts or Stars: hearts

About you!
Play any sports? nope
What do you do in your free time? go online, talk on the phone, play with my puppy, spend time with friends and my bf
Who do you look up to and why? everyone.....IM SHORT! lol but seriously if id have to pick someone itd probably be one of my teachers, I really can talk to her about anything, yes i kno that sounds crazy! lol

George Bush: at least hes a christian..
Piercings: there cool, i have a few
Tattos: there cool but i woudlnt get one
Suicide: I've had that thougth before
Gay Marriage: hmmm i don't approve of it..but i guess its ok..
Paris Hilton: ew
Abortion: Its a bad thing but ya never know until you get in that situation

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yes this is a bad pic of on the left! lol I'll be posting more pictures later!




this one was early on Christmas morning! I got a carebear! lol



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